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I have received a letter from the Insolvency Service telling me that I am about to be disqualified

Being told that you are about to be disqualified from acting as a company director is not a happy day. Where the Insolvency Service recommend to the Secretary of State for your disqualification to act as a company director they should required to write to you and tell you about this.   Section 16 (1) […]

VAT Missing Traders

There are a growing number of cases where the Insolvency Service are bringing Director Disqualification cases for people that have allegedly been involved in VAT Missing Trader (“MTIC”) companies. HM Revenue & Customs have spent considerable resources over the last several years in dealing with the problem of large scale and organised VAT fraud mostly […]

Cash Seizure – Squeeze for Intelligence

This case study involves one of our regulatory lawyers who was recently involved in a cash seizure cash involving a powerful government body. Client was arrested and found in possession of a large amount of cash (over £200,000) in circumstances which suggested the police had prior intelligence – this was not a random find. The […]

The Taxman leaves you with nowhere to go? Judicial Review it!

HMRC have the luxury of writing the legislation they rely on when they put themselves in dispute with a taxpayer. In a recent example Client was a Registered Dealer in Controlled Oil (“RDCO”) so that he had a licence to trade in Red Diesel, parafin and burning oil.  He had held the licence for several […]

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