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Month: April 2015

UK Liquidator on the hook for £500,000

In a recent case before the High Court, Judge Simon Barker QC found favour with the Claimants, Top Brand Services Limited and Lemione Services Limited that UK Liquidator, Mrs Gagen Sharma either repay, restore, account or pay compensation to to the company of which she was a former Liquidator, namely Mama Milla Limited (In Liquidation). […]

Hunted by the Tax Authorities

The UK Government is becoming increasingly aggressive in its pursuit of those alleged to have evaded taxes. As part of this strategy they publish yearly ‘Most Wanted’ publications for those people outside of the UK Jurisdiction who are accused of large scale VAT, excise and alcohol frauds. Here is a link to the list for […]

UK Supreme Court shuts the door to Third Party Directors

In a significant Supreme Court judgment that Court has refused to accept that defendants to fraud-type claims by a company can now rely on their own wrongdoing to escape liability for the fraud. The same rule also extends to claims against third parties to any such claim. The Court ruled a liquidator can bring a […]

UK Liquidator chases Tax fraud proceeds in Middle East

It is reported that UK Liquidator Griffins has secured some success in recovering monies frozen in Dutch Antilles bank First Curacao International Bank (‘FCIB’) to the tune of £5m. This liquidator, with a base in the Middle East, is also currently pursuing HM Revenue & Customs targets in the Middle East employing a range of […]

FCIB Pays Out

In the long running saga that is the fate of millions pounds frozen at the First Curacao International Bank (‘FCIB’) there has been another twist this week. Griffins Insolvency Practitioners were able to secure the release of £5m from the proceeds of alleged VAT MTIC fraud of a total amount due to the UK Government […]

State Immunity Act 1978 survives challenge

In a case before the Commercial Court the claimants had applied under s 42(1) of the Arbitration Act 1996 to enforce a peremptory order of an LCIA tribunal seated in London. They issued an arbitration claim form, and obtained ex parte orders permitting service on the Government’s solicitors in London and abridging time for filing […]

VAT Missing Traders

There are a growing number of cases where the Insolvency Service are bringing Director Disqualification cases for people that have allegedly been involved in VAT Missing Trader (“MTIC”) companies. HM Revenue & Customs have spent considerable resources over the last several years in dealing with the problem of large scale and organised VAT fraud mostly […]

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