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Month: April 2016

Resolving a Grave Matter

It is not uncommon for legal disputes to arise on the death of a loved one, not least in relation to the funeral arrangements for the deceased. English law has developed a set of principles and rules that are often at odds with the expectations of the bereaved. It can be necessary to consult with […]

What is a Private Examination

A Private Examination can be a daunting process. A Liquidator has a power to apply to the court to conduct a Private Examination. See here s.236 Insolvency Act 1986. Upon the insolvency of a company an office-holder, such as Liquidator, may make an application to court, to summon before it any officer or any person […]

How to survive a s.236 Private Examination

Specialist bankruptcy lawyer Stephen Chinnery discusses how to deal with a Private Examination – Following the insolvency of a company a liquidator has a wide range of powers to investigate the conduct of former directors. Section 235 of the Insolvency Act 1986 requires that former directors of a company have obligations to co-operate with a […]

Confronting the s.234 Powers of a Liquidator

After the liquidation of a company there are different groups of people that may find themselves subject to the scrutiny of a Liquidator. These people may be the former directors of the liquidated company, those responsible for its formation, it’s employees, or it’s professional advisors. A Liquidator has a duty to investigate the affairs of […]

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