Tax and Insolvency Litigation Solicitor

Practice Areas

Directors Disqualification

Obtain specialist director disqualification legal advice to help you defend disqualification proceedings or continue acting as a director.

Insolvency Claims

Access expert insolvency solicitor advice for misfeasance claims, winding up petitions, director loan disputes and other insolvency claims.

Commercial Disputes

Seek aggressive and measured litigation solicitor advice for contract disputes, negligence claims, shareholder claims and other matters.

Regulatory Action

There are a range of Government Agencies with the power to prosecute and take regulatory action against you.

Tax Disputes

Claims made against by taxpayers by HM Revenue & Customs increase year on year. Dealing with tax disputes requires a solicitor with specialist tax litigation experience.

Employment Claims

Claims arising from breach of Employment Law obligations can arise out of fast moving events involving allegations of breach of fiduciary duties, wrongdoing and access to confidential information.


The increasing internationalisation of the world economy has lead to parties to agreements being able to choose Arbitration as a preferred method of commercial dispute resolution.

Inheritance and Trust Disputes

Dealing with disputes at a time of grief can be a traumatic thing to undertake. However, achieving the right outcome so that the wishes of your loved ones and that your own rights are protected can require urgent advice and representation.

Accountants Helpline

Providing commercial law advice to accountants and financial professionals.

  • Disciplinary Tribunal Representation
  • Money Laundering Compliance
  • Insolvency Advice
  • Commercial Law Advice

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