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Essential questions answered about Directors Disqualification

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The number of people being disqualified from being able to act as a company director is significantly higher over the course of the last 12 months compared with a comparable 12 month period at the turn of the millennium.

The powers of the Secretary of State to disqualify a director are set out within the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986

Some of the common questions people have in relation to directors disqualification are the following –


What is the directors disqualification process?


On what grounds can a directors disqualification be made?


What can be the grounds or basis for a disqualification order or undertaking?


If a director is at fault for wrongdoing is he likely to be disqualified?


Can a disqualified director act as a sole trader?


How can a search be made for a disqualified director?


Is there a register or list of disqualified directors?


Do Companies House maintain a register or list of disqualified directors?


What are the restrictions on a person who is disqualified from acting as a director?


Can a director have a criminal record?

How do I complain about a company director?

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