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VAT Disputes

VAT disputes with HMRC require specialist knowledge of both the laws that underpin the operation of VAT and the specialist rules that govern the way in which disputes are managed by the Courts and Tribunals.

The basis for VAT is set out in the Sixth European Directive and implemented into UK law by the Value Added Tax 1994.

There can often be disputes as to whether the UK Government has properly and effectively implemented the Sixth European Directive for the benefit of Tax Payers with these questions requiring resolution by the European Court of Justice.

For assistance in the following areas of VAT disputes please email or telephone 07460 005 769.

  • Missing-Trader or MTIC allegations
  • VAT Assessments
  • Freezing Injunctions involving allegations of unpaid VAT
  • Civil Evasion Penalties pursuant to section 61 VAT Act 1994
  • Zero-rating for exports
  • Under-declared revenue and takings
  • Emergency injunctions to reclaim input tax

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