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Judicial Review in Tax Disputes

In most tax disputes that are headed for the Courts the taxpayer will have a formal decision from HM Revenue & Customs: that decision can then be appealed to a Tax Tribunal created especially to hear a dispute of that type. Time limits and rules of procedure apply.

However, there are some circumstances in which an appeal to a Tax Tribunal is either not possible or does not provide the taxpayer with the solution needed. A claim in Judicial Review to the High Court may be needed in the following circumstances –

  • Where HM Revenue & Customs have not yet issued a decision that can be used to form the basis of an appeal
  • Where the taxpayer’s business will be destroyed by the time the Tax Tribunal decides the appeal
  • Where an injunction is required to prohibit HM Revenue & Customs from doing something
  • Where there is no right of appeal against the conduct of HM Revenue & Customs

When selecting your lawyer for this type of claim you ought to ask the following two questions –

  • Does this lawyer have experience of Judicial Review litigation?
  • Does this lawyer have experience of Judicial Review litigation involving tax disputes?

The answer you receive to both questions ought to be ‘yes’.

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